środa, 6 listopada 2013


As we are going to talk about teeth this week, please each of you make an experiment at home, beginning today THINGS YOU WILLL NEED FOR THE EXPERIMENT: 3 egg shells 3 juice glasses 1 cup water 1 cup soda pop 1 cup vinegar Notebook Pen Camera Instructions 1 Place half an egg shell in three different juice glasses. Make sure to rinse the egg shells before using them in the science experiment. 2 Fill one glass with water, one glass with soda pop and one glass with vinegar. Take a picture of the three glasses to show what the egg shells looked like at the beginning of the experiment. 3 Allow the glasses to sit for one week. Record what you see each day. Use a composition notebook to record your findings or use an observation form. On an observation form, describe the procedure, make a prediction and record any observations. 4 At the end of one week, take another picture. Record any final observations. SO PLEASE, ALL HAVE A PPT PRESENTATION WITH PHOTOS AND HYPOTHESIS AND DESCRIPTIONS AND FINAL OUTCOMES

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